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GSL Promote PRO

Most companies understand how important marketing is for their business. With several hundred thousand different search engines around the Internet, promoting a Website can be a time consuming process.

Take your Internet marketing efforts a step further with this 6 month/time subscription to a professional and time saving package that submits and resubmits your Website to the 5 major search engines on the Internet (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask). We also provide you with a submission report each month outlining if your submissions succeeded. In addition to this, we subscribe your Website to most major search engines outside the top 5 to ensure your presence on the Internet is optimized. Included in the subscription price is a free registering of your business and Website to

In this package we custom design 5 pages of your choice with highly effective meta tags within your Website.

When your 6 month/time subscription is complete, we provide you with:

  • Free Instructions on how to create good meta tags
  • Free guide with tips for website promotion.
  • An unbeatable renewal offer from as low as $29.95 a month.

This package is an effective step to promoting your Website on the Internet. In addition, please consider our extensive customized offerings which give you the very best service possible in Internet promotional efforts.


Want to renew your GSL Promote Subscribe package?, contact us and ask about our special extension offer available to our GSL Promote Subscribe and GSL Promote PRO customers.

All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes to be added where applicable. All prices subject to change without notice.

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