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WEBSITE PROMOTION - Do you have a Website you want to promote?

Promoting a Website can be a time consuming process that needs to be completed on an ongoing basis. Website promotion is not just receiving high rankings on the search engines. Active, passive and traditional marketing techniques is just as important, but are often forgotten when promoting a Website.

Contact us to let one of our highly experienced consultants advise you on how to promote your new Website. We can scan through existing Websites and recommend the best solution for your promotional needs.

In addition to custom made promotional packages, we also offer a few pre-defined services entitled GSL Promote packages. In choosing GSL, you can focus on your business and let GSL Web Design's promotional experts do the job for you.

Promotional Packages*
GSL Promote Start
GSL Promote Subscribe
GSL Promote PRO
GSL Promote Custom**
Promotion Fee
Submissions to 5 major search-engines***
1 time
3 times
6 times
Submission on all major search engines****
Custom designed meta tags within your website
1 page
5 pages
10 pages
Total promotional business analyses
(available at $75/hour)
(available at $75/hour)
(available at $75/hour)
Extension offer*****
$69.95/time (minimum 3 times)
$49.95/time (minimum 6 times)
All prices in Canadian dollars, taxes to be added where applicable. Prices subject to change witout notice. * Search engines change ranking rules very often. No rankings can be guaranteed, but will normally improve with continious efforts. We keep updated on the latest rules for search engines and change our submissions accordingly on a continuos basis ** Pay only for proven rankings/results, see own chart. *** Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask **** Varies, several hundred thousands submissions possible. ***** Re-submissions only, no customizing.
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