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GSL Technologies Inc. and partner infinetivity's programming staff reflects a wide and diverse range of experience. All of our personnel have worked for large programming houses. We are available to work on site or remotely via modem.

We offer as much pre-project support as needed. We analyze the existing system, talk to the appropriate people and produce a project estimate that gives an itemized timeline, human resource & equipment requirements and cost projections. If the ground work has already been done, we review the specifications and make recommendations. Other services offered include maintenance on existing systems (freeing you to develop new applications) and "clean up" of existing unfinished projects.

GSL Technologies Inc. and partner infinetivity provides guaranteed service at all times. All of our employees can be reached via pager or a special emergency number. We consider ourselves an extension of our client's staff.

infinetivity is proud to be a UNIDATA authorized VAR. Both companies hold a firm commitment to high performance, efficient operation and excellent service to their clients.

UNIDATA is a highly flexible software, written in C, designed with a modular, portable architecture for operating systems including UNIX, VMS and Windows NT. What this means to the client is UNIDATA can take full advantage of new client/server hardware and software technologies as they evolve. Working with our staff of programmers, customers can build anything from simple command line interfaces to complex Windows GIS.

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