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NEWS From the GSL Group:

GSL Technologies Inc. to design, host and promote website for Breakthru 2004.

Ajax, Ontario - December 1, 2003:

The Official North American Convention named Breakthru started as a way for Queen fans across North America to be able to come together and celebrate Queen in grand style. For years small unofficial gatherings took place, and in 2001 Jacky from the OIQFC asked some of the fans to join together and put on one big convention for all to enjoy to celebrate Queen's induction to the hall of fame in Cleveland.

Breakthru 2004 will be our fourth convention. The first two were held in Cleveland and were huge successes. The 2003 was held in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. For 2004 we look forward to having a convention in the future to coincide with the coming of the "We Will Rock You" musical to North America.

More details to follow soon.

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