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NEWS From the GSL Group:

GSL Technologies Inc. to host and promote website for Athlete Scholarship Assistance.

Ajax, Ontario - May 30, 2003:

Finding out about athletic scholarships can be a real headache. Athlete Scholarship Assistance can move you through the steps needed to prepare for and find athletic scholarship opportunities at U.S. universities and colleges.

All sorts of opportunities exist for athletes but unless you can connect with them, coaches are unaware of your talent and interest. Top athletes need exposure, knowledge of the process, and ongoing guidance to identify legitimate opportunities and to be able to maximize scholarship chances.

About Athlete Scholarship Assistance

When Brenda Wessely was looking for an athletic scholarship for her daughter,the frustration at trying to find schools that carried her sport as well as her desired major was nothing compared to trying to establish if schools actually had scholarship opportunities. After her daughter secured an athletic scholarship, Wessely wrote a guide so that others could benefit from their experiences.  Now in its' third edition, the guide has become the basis for the consultation, research and mentoring process that is the cornerstone of Athlete Scholarship Assistance.

Athlete Scholarship Assistance grew by word of mouth and Wessely continued to build a reputation as knowledgeable, dedicated, and successful.  Now retired from a long career as an educator, Wessely has added seminars for teams and high school students to the individualized service given to each client.

Successful clients have attended or are attending schools in Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Oklahoma.

Let Athlete Scholarship Assistance do the research, preparation, and consultation for you to find the opportunities you want.

For more information please follow the link below:


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