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GLS Webdesign and it's partners offers highly specialized custom programming services. With emphasis on ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI and Javascript, our partner netappz provides the technical back-end necessary to fuel any vision.

PHP is a web-based scripting language and continues to grow in popularity due to it's speed, ease of use, and rich array of features. Our partners at netappz are seasoned experts at using this language to power the most complex web sites and applications.

Perl is a proven and well-supported language and is the tool of choice for many applications due to its powerful ability to manipulate data in flexible ways. netappz is experienced at creating and maintaining complex applications and systems utilizing Perl as a core.

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) provides for two-way interaction between the Web browser and the Web server, through which programs on the server can be 'run'. CGI programs are commonly used for Web form processing, order processing, database information retrievel and storage, traffic analysis, guestbooks, search engines and Username/Password services, just to name a few.

JavaScript is the universal client-side programming that allows us to add even more impact to a Web site's interface. Visual cues such as mouseover (or rollover) effects and online forms validation are among the routine tasks this low-overhead language can perform.

Active Server Pages is an open, compile-free application environment in which you can combine HTML, scripts, and reusable ActiveX server components to create dynamic and powerful Web-based business solutions. Active Server Pages enables server-side scripting for IIS with native support for both VBScript and Jscript.

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